Automatic machine suitable for emptying bags of about 25kg containing
"granulate or powders materials" with a potential maximum of 500/600 bags / hour.
The machine consists of:
- lifting pallet full of bags, to place in the holding position the rows of bags; provided with rails and activation by robust gearbox;
- Special grip assembly bags [patented] activated by suction cups in a vacuum,
for the simultaneous operation of 5 bags per time.
This group is mounted on a supporting frame of rails and operated by a strong gearmotor;
- Vacuum generator integrated through use of appropriate vacuum pump(customized);
- Group of blades to cut the bags made of special steel, operated by electric motors and safety controls;
- Unloading group composed of a material collecting bin with vibrating grid to empty bags;
- Automatic ejection system for emptying bags placed in hopper side ;
- PLC control system with touch-screen graphical panel for managing the complete system and color display to check the operating status, diagnostic alarms and possibility of historical pages dedicated to various jobs of empty bags, data base organized by date, by typology of material.
optional possibility "MACHINE STOP REACHING at # NUMBER of bags unloaded.
The system does not include rotary valve extraction material and relative loading silos machine CS.
These components will be added separately after considering the type of material and loading distances.
PRODUCTION 500-600 bags / hour
The system is a solution for emptying fully automatic and highly efficient that it allows to have substantial savings for the following points:
- Increased productivity (an human operator can have a productivity maximum of about 120 bags / hour);
- Reduced heavy job ;
- Increased safety (total elimination of manual lifting);
- Increased flexibility (the machine is suitable for different types of empty bag).
The machine consists of:
-lift pallet for bags /position gripping a whole row of bags;
- Group gripping bags by suction cups in vacuum, for the gripping of 5 bags at a time and complete transverse drive mounted on linear guides balls bearings.
- complete group and blades made of hard steel, it's driven by two electric motors;
- emptying hopper with vibrating grid to emptying bags;
- automatic pneumatic ejection of the empty bags beside the hopper;
- PLC control system with touch-screen graphic panel permits to manage the complete machine constantly displaying the operating status, diagnostic alarms and possibility to manage historical pages of various amounts of empty bags, by date, by type of material .
- Technical data:
- Compressed air consumption: 5 Nl / h
- Voltage: 400V/3/50-60Hz
- Size 2500x3500 mm H = 4000
- Weight: 1300 kg




The newly developed Maintech Automatic Material Selection Manifold has been designed to connect many moulding machines to different material sources without manual intervention and the need for cable connect tagging system normally used on manual manifolds,
Selection of the material routing from which source to which machine is programmed and controlled using a highly developed PLC and software system.
The connection of a particular material to a moulding machine is achieved using 2 movable plates with hose connectors in each, these plates are positioned using pneumatic rod-less cylinders, the position of the plates is accurately monitored and controlled to ensure perfect alignment with a fixed central coupling.
Once each of the plates has been positioned they are moved to seal against the central coupling and when clamped in place the material transfer can commence.
The selection and alignment of the coupler takes place at high speed and in complete silence, every movement is precisely controlled using transducers.
At the end of each material transfer cycle the material lines are cleaned using a pipe cleaning valve located at the material source, this ensures that there is no material or dust in the pipes to cause cross contamination.
At the end of the pipe cleaning cycle both of the coupling plates retract and make ready for selection of the next transfer cycle.
The design of the A.M.S.M and its components have been selected and tested under the most rigorous conditions to ensure maximum longevity of the system with minimal maintenance.
The innovative design of the A.M.S.M can be used for all materials as well as engineering polymers, the movable coupling design ensures that no granules or dust can migrate between the connections.
A Touch screen PLC is used to control the operation of the A.M.S.M and the pneumatic conveying system and makes the integration of all Maintech equipment very easy, the material routing is programmed via the touch screen using icons.
The PLC control monitors all of the functions of the conveying system, logs all of the programmed routings for the materials and reports on all types of alarms such as a source has run out of material.
All of the system generated alarms can be displayed in the production areas using Maintech's large scrolling message board, also the system can be monitored and controlled via our PC based centralised supervisor software.



Special granule materials weighting, realized to check the production at the end of an extrusion granule line process. Composed by:
- N1 Collecting material refill hopper
It is built in stainless steel complete with:
Interface Lid to connect the discharging material cyclon supplied with the extrusor
Discharging complete with butterfly valve to control the product unloading into the weighting hopper. Max level sensors Capacity 80 liters
- N1 Weighting product hopper
It is built in stainless steel complete with:
Interface Lid for the connection to the refill hopper
N.2 weighting control loading cells
Discharging complete with butterfly valve to control the product unloading after weighting.
Capacity 50 liters
Special supporting frame, height below the weight hopper 1 m
- N1 Control Box
Complete of electronic system with full logic microprocessor for managing the weighting system with touch screen panel.
Full touch-screen panel with a special color graphic design for an easy set-up machine parameters. It's complete with:
Painted steel box.
Panel color graphics Touch-Screen.
Lamp to visualize alarm / Acoustic alert alarm.
Dedicated software for the management of the weighting system.
Software for remote control of complete system on a PC ( customer personal computer )




Volumetric dosing unit LDM0, suitable for direct injection, extrusion and blow moulding machine mounting.
Compact system with one dosing screw conveying masterbatch or additives to the plastification screw.
The screw is driven by a constant torque brushless motor with a robust gearbox. This motor grants a constant precision also with different master characteristics.
Main features:
- compact design;
- inclined metering screw assuring high precision and repeatability;
- easy inspection: by simply acting to a handle, it is possible to access to any interior part of the dosing unit;
- brushless motor 24V: reliability, free maintenance, constant torque on the whole speed range;
- easy calibration system;
- stainless steel dosing screw;
- central fixing base complete with inspection door and static mixer.
The dosing unit is provided with Electronic control consisting of a microprocessor PCB for all applications.
This control allows the dosing screw to operate continuously by the analogic signal from extruders or in cycles by the electric contact of the injection moulding machines.
Possibility of controlling a level sensor with material shortage alarm.
Possibility of controlling a master loader with Venturi system.
Possibility of working in manual or automatic mode.
Possibility of storing recipes.
Friendly interface with graphic display visualising the unit status and fitted with keyboard for parameter setting.
Possibility of controlling a 3-10 litre mixer (optional).
Acoustic alarm on request.
Serial outlet RS485.






Precision gear pump
Electronic control
LDL dosing unit for liquids, designed for installation on injection presses, extruders and blow moulding machines.
Very compact unit that uses the precision gear pump technology to transfer the masterbatch in the form of additives into the plastification screw.
The precision gear pump guarantees constant precision following variations in the conditions of the master.
Main features:
- Very compact design;
- Easy inspection; by simply pressing on a lever it is possible to access the inner part
of the machine;
- Use of precision gear pump which ensures reliability and requires little maintenance over time
as well as a constant torque on the whole speed range;
- Easy calibration system;

The dispenser is equipped with an advanced control operated by an electronic card with a microprocessor (for all applications) which:
- allows the machine to work constantly via an analogic signal received from the extruders, or in cycles from a signal received from the injection presses;
- sets off an alarm on the dosing hopper when the level of material goes down.
- with its software gives the possibility to work in manual or automatic mode.
- gives the possibility to store and recall recipes;
- is equipped with a simple and complete interface with graphic display, which constantly
shows the status of the machine and is fitted with keyboard for easy parameter setting;
- can be fitted with an acoustic alarm if required;
- equipped with serial outlet RS485.